Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening refers to verifying information provided to the client by the candidate upon their free-will during their application for employment with the knowledge that the application form and its content may be shared and verified by either the employer or third-parties that the employer chooses to retain. Verification of data provided will be completed using legal means/methods and by use of public/open-source information. Data Privacy laws in effect will be adhered to both at a national and international level depending on the origin of the data.  

Esfor Trade’s standard Pre-Employment Screening process includes the following: 

Standard Verifications 

    ID Verification

   Address Record Verification 

    Education (Diploma) Verification 

    Employment History Verification 

    Criminal Record Verification (Ministry of Justice) 

In addition to the above-mentioned standard verifications, other verifications may be added at the client’s request.

Additional Verifications 

    Contact Provided References

    Driver’s License Verification 

    Military Service Status Documentation Verification 

    Chamber of Commerce Scans

    Media Scan 

    Membership Verification

Professional Licensing Verification