Litigation Support (Case File Preparation)

Litigation Support (Case File Preparation)

According to Turkish laws and regulations, attorneys can conduct their own investigations and collect evidence regarding their cases. 

In addition to this, there are two main case types in the Turkish legal system: Public (Criminal) Cases and Civil Cases. In public cases, testimonial and physical evidence may be submitted while witnesses are also heard. On the other hand, civil cases are generally concluded after the content of the case file is read, and the parties submit their documentary evidence.

According to the 2018 statistics of the Ministry of Justice, there are 9.2 million cases within the Turkish Court System and more than 116,000 attorneys registered under the Bar Association. Due to the continuously increasing population and case load, a great number of lawyers find themselves engaged in hearings and administrative work and cannot spare time to collect evidence.

Esfor Trade provides expert service in the field of “Evidence Collection and Preparation” for attorneys and law firms by revealing, collecting, examining and documenting the evidence required by the case/ hearing.

To collect evidence, Esfor Trade utilizes information obtained from open sources and during site visits. The obtained findings are examined and processed by experienced investigators with a background in Law Enforcement. Thus, we ensure that the evidence holds up and is usable in court.

Esfor Trade employs certain software tools to demonstrate the evidence related to the case as well as the links between the parties. Usage of such visual analysis tools enables preparing dynamic and easy-to-follow one-page charts or graphics that support pages of text content in the case file. Considering the load of cases, judges may not find enough time to read and prepare before hearings. Thanks to the mentioned visual analysis tools, it is easier for the judges to see the big picture and resolve the cases in less time.